Jane (thirdjane) wrote,

Tweet-le Dee

  • 20:05 I just want a quiet house where i can curl up with Lucky and read in peace. #
  • 11:20 I am losing my mind today. #
  • 11:44 When i'm done here I'll zip home, grab lucky, and head to rocky hill for claudette, then I'll go to the farm. #
  • 11:45 Dmv can wait till tomorrow before work. #
  • 11:53 Snow, snow, still more snow. I'd be bothered by it, but Spike and Cassidy seem to adore it. Crazy ponies. #
  • 12:33 On my way to rh with lucky. #
  • 14:00 If i don't slip and bust myself on the ice today it'll be a miracle. I'm due for my yearly fall and butt bruise anyway. #
  • 18:33 Doing dishes. Could be worse. #
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